Today we finally rebuilt the robot back up to where it was before it blew up – and then some! This time, we gave much more consideration to where every component should be mounted. To do this, we drilled a number of new holes in the chassis. It looks rather like swiss cheese now, so we’ll have to print off a new one some time in the future with all the proper mounting holes.

The Raspberry Pi is now mounted lengthways, which should allow us to access the SD card and the input/output easier. The Pi itself has been clipped into a 3D printed case to reduce the chance of a short or arc destroying the Pi from underneath. We still need to print the top of the case, bearing in mind that we need to access the GPIO pins.

We also took this opportunity to do some awesome cable management.


All in all, we were able to cross off a number of items from day 29’s Action Plan, as well as add a few more things to the list.


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