Today as I was walking into the student services hub to go home, I was approached by none other than Mr. Crane as we have been somewhat bugging him about the “Music Room” he told me that we had the go-ahead to move in, so I dropped all plans to go home just so I could move into the new office. In total it took 38 minutes to move in and 1 hour to set everything up. I was sad to find out that the room currently doesn’t have power, and well, that is a big issue, Mr. Crane sent a request to the maintenance team to look into it hopefully, it’s something easy and doesn’t take long to fix.

Here is the new office setup:

Here is a photo of the old office:













Our current setup has a laptop charger on each table, 3 in total, we no longer need to connect powerboards to power boards (yes we all know that’s unsafe) every device can have its own power point (14 power points in total) I’ve also taped down cords running on the floor despite running along walls, in my opinion, it looks neater. The room has one ethernet port so I’m using our 48 port switch to make that into well, 48 ports.

As we have three tables, we have set them out as three stations, table one, the closest to the door is the networking table (my table) The table next to that is the programming table and the last one will be the build table.

I hope to do the final touches tomorrow and have power by the end of this week.

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