Flexo’s getting heated đŸ„” -winter temps rising in Canberra đŸ™„đŸ„±

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Its getting hot in here!!!

Flexo got a little hot under its hood! with CPU temps getting towards the 89 degree mark we found the robot thermal throttling making it very hard to perform simple tasks.

To solve this issue, we have meticulously created a hole on the lid to accommodate for a fan. It worked 👹‍đŸŠČ👍

An interview with our SDD, Cooper Kingston revealed insider info on driving Flexo. The three runs conducted today were the sensory, dexterity and crossing ramps. The sensory run consisted of combined visual acuity targets, which means identifying C shaped symbols, hazmat signs, coloured boxes, sensing motion and heat, and reading QR codes. The code for hazmat recognition was formulated in 2021 by Anthony Gambale. The visual acuity run went well, however Cooper found discrepancy in identifying the links from the QR codes, due to there being several QR codes being read at the same time. this resulted in a stream of links, which made it difficult to identify them individually. Improvements from the sensory component were the motion, colour and heat trials. The biggest issue since prep day was that the cameras kept freezing and lagging. This was due to the raspberry pi overheating during the runs, and to accommodate for this it would slow down internal operations. This is when the fan made an appearance 😀 – circulated the air and lowered internal temperature.

Today was our first successful dexterity run. The estimated score for the dexterity run was 15 points. With this being our most successful run, we are quite happy with the outcome. There was some difficulty in maneuvering the arm to adjust to the angle of the target points.

“It was epic” – Cooper (SDD)

The last run of the day was the most sweat inducing (and it’s not because of the heat!). The crossing ramps was a challenging run as the tracks were filled with gravel and mulch for their respective runs. During the gravel run, we achieved 10 touches and almost tipped over the edge! Mr Elias had to look away… everyone was on their toes and had to shower afterwards due to accumulated sweat. We anticipated an easier run for the mulch, however it proved to be more difficult as half of Stromlo forest was stuck in the right track and Majura in the left 😠 we had to excavate and relocate the debris. Overall, that’s day two!


The End

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