I took the BreezeLite home to work on it over the weekend.

There were a number of boot problems, so I first had to reinstall Ubuntu. The wireless adapter was working, so I ensured “Download updates while installing Ubuntu” was checked. I chose to completely erase the disk and install ubuntu fresh because I wasn’t in a rush and I wanted to clean out anything that may have been lingering around from our previous install/reinstall/reinstall cycles.

This didn’t completely work. Every second or third reboot fails and I had to unplug the BreezeLite to make any progress. I tried reinstalling Ubuntu twice more with different variables, including unchecking the “Download updates while installing Ubuntu” option.

I had little success with this, so I tried modifying some of the GRUB boot options.

Every boot fails at a different point. Some get a black screen right after the BIOS, some freeze on the Ubuntu loading screen, and some turn black right after a purple screen. The unpredictable nature of the failures makes the issue difficult to diagnose.

It’s now midnight. I had planned to get the interface completely installed and streaming running by now, but that will have to wait for another time.

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