After Jack and I did our “Network stress test” we were starting to get tired of changing our wi-fi to a static IP address. The reason being, in order to use our school network we had to change our network settings again so we could get an IP from our school server. After thinking about a way I could make this less difficult I settled on making the S.A.R.T Console laptop into a DHCP server. As I use Windows Server on my home server, I thought I would give it a shot here. Sadly Windows server 2016 didn’t work with the network card in the laptop, so I had to downgrade to 2012, no big deal. I then got to work.

As you will know, this laptop was running windows 10 before, so I first had to reimage it to install windows server.

After installing Windows server I installed the wi-fi drivers and got into setting up the DHCP server. This was pretty basic, use server manager select to install DHCP and reboot and set the start IP and the end IP address. As I didn’t bring the Access point home, I got one of my routers, disabled DHCP and connected it to the laptop. I then connect my PC desktop via Wifi to the router and I’m happy to report that It worked perfectly.

Here’s another test, this time from my iPad.

Here is our network map, while not big, just shows how we are linking everything together.




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