S.A.R.T. Team Description Materials for Q1 2020

Authors: Connor Kneebone, Alexander Cavalli, Jack Williams, Matthew Williams, Graham Stock, Charlotte Drury, Anthony Gambale, Michael Cavalli, Nathaniel Kneebone, Martin Hosking, Alexander Thorning Published: 20th of March, 2020 Abstract The Semi-Autonomous Rescue Team (herein known as the S.A.R.T.) is a group of STEM enthusiasts originally formed in early 2015 with the intent of developing and...
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Next Gen!

Say hello to SFX’s new SART team! This year’s team consists of three year 11’s, Barney Bruckner, Martin Hosking, Anthony Gambale and two year 12’s, Michael Cavalli, and myself, Charlotte Drury. Barney’s role is in Autonomy. Barney’s been charging ahead with basic self-navigation and looking into ROS (Robot Operating System) as an option. Please refer...
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