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It's awesome that you're interested in our stuff!

We're still in the process of tidying up our code, models and operating systems ready for release.
We don't want to provide something that will break when you try to use it, and you certainly don't want to start building on to anything less than a solid base.
Therefore, if you can't find what you're looking for, we probably haven't added it yet. Please feel free to check back later!

Tutorials for implementing these downloads can be found in our blogs.

Code & Scripts

All our code and scripts are available for you to fork on GitHub.


All our past and present 3D models are available to print and edit on our Thingiverse page.


The S.A.R.T Interface is our own human-robot interface, designed to completely remove the need to connect a robot to a monitor, keyboard or mouse. Functionality includes video streaming, sensor data,  and performance information.


Creating your Own Implementation on the Raspberry Pi (Guide)

Creating your Own Implementation on an Ubuntu PC (Guide)

Operating Systems

In the future we are planning on having the operating system that we run on our robots available as a prebuilt distribution. They would be likely built on top of Ubuntu, with some small customisations and preinstalled packages. It’s pretty easy to do yourself, but if you’ve got a decent internet connection, it would provide an easy way to get started.

You will still need to download our S.A.R.T Interface and scripts if you want to run these on your robot.

Ubuntu – S.A.R.T Mark II & III

Raspbian – S.A.R.T Mark I


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