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Day 7 – Wi-Fix this Problem

Aaron installed the WiFi adapter on the Raspberry Pi, however he has had trouble connecting to it. Jack and Aaron are in the process of diagnosing the connection, however Aaron will reinstall the drivers if it proves necessary.

Ryan continued his 13 hour Python course in the advanced topics section, which included splicing, comprehension list and using the lambda function in Python.

Riley and Jack dipped the two remaining wheels in white PolyShield rubber while Matthew filmed the proceedings on Riley’s mobile phone. The two orange wheels are dry, so Riley has started to remove the excess rubber.

Jack has uploaded the video of the wheel dipping to YouTube to share with the Intelligent Robotics team.

Matthew printed all the parts we need to create the claw, which will go on the end of the arm and allow us to pick things up and offer a greater degree of manoeuvrability.

robot 2robot 1

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