Say hello to SFX’s new SART team! This year’s team consists of two year 11’s, Barney Bruckner and Rhien Finlayson, and three year 12’s, Ryan Millard-Cartwright, Michael Cavalli, and myself, Charlotte Drury.

Barney’s role is in Autonomy. Barney’s been charging ahead with basic self-navigation and looking into ROS (Robot Operating System) as an option. Please refer to his post ‘Day 186 – Plans for Autonomy and ROS’ for more detail.

Rhien’s role is in Internal Hardware and Software Interfacing. Rhien’s priorities are to address reliability concerns in the Mk3 robot used in Canada and to work with me on developing the Mk3.5.

Ryan’s role is focused on Sensors. Ryan’s priorities are to further develop our robot’s QR and hazmat detection. Additionally, Ryan aims to find new ways to utilise sensor data.

Michael is a Programmer. He’s been working with Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM) though a TurtleBot provided by Tribotix.

Me, my role is in External Hardware. My priorities lie in working with Rhien to optimise the Mk3 and address reliability concerns. I am also working on the Mk3.5 and looking at other wheel options and viable arms.

Of course, we still have our two mentors Graham Stock and Alex Cavalli who work with us to develop our designs and goals. We even commune with various Alumni such as Connor Kneebone and the aforementioned Alex who keep in close contact via Slack.


Wish us luck in Sydney,


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